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Upper Beginner

This class is for basic sentences. We will practice writing and speaking various sentences while learning  must-know vocabulary.

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Hailey's Class

Study Korean Easy & Fun

Study Korean in real time with Hailey yourself. You can study various sentences with must-know vocabulary.

You can also check your Korean status with Hailey's detailed assignment check. Check out the Korean pronunciation, Korean writing, and listening.

This course contains Zoom classes and E-book.


Class Content

- Korean Basic sentence structures, Special Rules
‌- Particles (이/가/은/는/을/를/..)
- Tense (present, past, future)
- 4 Types of Sentences
- Negative Expressions (don't, can't - 안 , 못)
- Auxiliary Verb Expression (must, can, have to, will, be going to)
- Must-Know Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns by topics
- Frequently Used Expressions

  (want to / have pp/ Would you please)
- Conjunction - And, So, But
- Questions - Who, When, Where, What, How, Why
- K-drama Must-Know Expressions

Class Information

- This class is conducted in English.
-  Adult learners (16 yrs+) can register.
- Class refunds are not allowed.
- You can re-watch Zoom class as many as you can
- This class is private and not open to YouTube.

Class Schedule

Sold Out Now _ 

Please wait until the next registration

Class Feature

Memorizing basic words with images
Private coaching with weekly homeworks
Hailey's easy and systematic instruction
Recorded Zoom class

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