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Complete Beginner

This class is a course to learn from Hangul to basic sentences. It is suitable for students who have not yet systematically learned Korean.

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Hailey's Class

Study Korean Easy & Fun

Study Korean in real time with Hailey yourself. You can study from the basics of Hangul to basic sentence construction at once.

You can also check your Korean status with Hailey's detailed assignment check. Check out the Korean pronunciation, Korean writing, and listening.

This course contains Zoom classes and E-book.

Sold Out Now

Class Content

- Korean Alphabet Hangul Consonants and Vowels
- How to make syllable
- Practice Reading Korean Words
- Batchim (Final consonants)
- Double conso‌nants (ㄲ,ㄸ,ㅃ,ㅆ,ㅉ)
- Pronunciation Practice
- Sino and Native Numbers 
- How to read Time / Days / Dates / Money
- Korean Basic sentence structures, Special Rules
‌- Particles (이/가/은/는/을/를/에..)

Class Information

- This class is conducted in English.
-  Adult learners (16 yrs+) can register.
- Class refunds are not allowed.
- You can re-watch Zoom class (for 6months)
- This class is private and not open to YouTube.

Class Feature

- ‌Memorizing consonants and vowels easily with songs
- ‌Private coaching with weekly homeworks
- ‌Hailey's easy and systematic instruction
- ‌Recorded Zoom class

- ‌K-drama Most-Used expressions practice

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